The quality of our products has been proven by studies carried out by independent experts.

pomegranate juice mollar Elche Researchers from the food and agriculture technology department at Miguel Hernandez University (UMH), directed by Professor Carbonell, have analysed various commercial pomegranate juices, labelled “100% concentrate” or “double strength”, which currently exist on the market in the European Union and, comparing them with GRANAVIDA, they have obtained the following results:

The antioxidant content in GRANAVIDA pomegranate juice is much higher when compared to other pomegranate juices labelled “100% concentrate” or “double strength”.

Undoubtedly, the analysis of GRANAVIDA has proven that it is the best of the commercial pomegranate juices which we have found on the European market to date.

analisis ok granavida [640x480]GRANAVIDA pomegranate juice is the best available commercial pomegranate juice.

The grading obtained by GRANAVIDA is double that of the rest of the commercial pomegranate juices analysed.

The tests carried out on GRANAVIDA show that it is a completely natural pomegranate juice, free from added substances.

Its astringent nature is directly related to the antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice. It is highly important to inform the consumer that a juice which is not at all astringent is a pomegranate juice with a low antioxidant potential. On the other hand, an astringent juice which causes your mouth to become dry is a juice with maximum antioxidant potential.

The processing method is highly important as far as the sensory and functional quality of pomegrante juice is concerned. So that this juice obtains the maximum antioxidant and functional potential, it is necessary for the juice to be extracted in contact with the skin of the pomegranate. Numerous studies have proven that the skin of the pomegranate has a higher antioxidant activity than the seeds.